Other Books

Curtis is the author of numerous other books, primarily about buying and selling land in rural areas. Visit www.curtis-seltzer.com to learn more and view details about his consultation practice.

Fire In The Hole: Miners and Managers in the American Coal Industry

Fire in the Hole is a story that captures the people of coal as well as the broad clash of social forces. Throughout the coal industry’s two-hundred-year history, labor issues have dominated its economics and politics, and this is a comprehensive historical- analysis of labor relations in the American coal industry-the first since the 1930s.

How To Be A Dirt-Smart Buyer of Country Property

How to Be a Dirt-Smart Buyer of Country Property shows you the ways to learn the value and liabilities of rural real estate-second homes, farms, undeveloped land, timberland and investment property. This book is written for buyers, not sellers. It’s designed to give you the knowledge to buy at the right price and avoid post-purchase surprises. Most decisions to buy or not buy are made impulsively within 30 minutes of the buyer’s first visit. Dirt-Smart shows you how to use your brain to protect your pocketbook from your heart. This book will save you thousands upfront and make you money down the road.

Land Matters: The Country Real Estate Columns

Land Matters is a collection of more than 100 “Country Real Estate” op-ed columns from 2007 to 2009. Curtis Seltzer syndicates them weekly to about 500 newspapers, magazines, blogs, brokers and individuals. This edition also includes 14 public-radio commentaries on CD.

Blue Grass Notes

Blue Grass Notes is a collection of 45 “Country Real Estate” op-ed columns from 2010, along with 15 public-radio commentaries on CD.

Snowy Mountain Breakdown

Snowy Mountain Breakdown is a collection of 50 “Country Real Estate” op-ed columns from 2011.

Maple Leaf Rags

Maple Leaf Rags is a collection of 47 “Country Real Estate” op-ed columns from 2012.

Spinal Chords From The Devil’s Backbone

Spinal Chords From The Devil’s Backbone is a collection of 88 “Country Real Estate” op-ed columns written in 2013 and 2014.