“The Point of the Pick”

point of pick coverA car drives slowly along Quarrier Street downriver from the golden dome of West Virginia’s State Capitol.
“Like here are your three choices,” Chickie says.
“You can say, ‘Forget you!’ I respect a man of principle. Of course, that ends up you dead. But you’ll have my respect.
“Second is you get outa this car after sayin’ yes to my proposition. Then you call the FBI or the federal prosecutor. They come after me. You testify against me. I deny everything. They got squat for a case, and you, Mr. Stand-Up Citizen, spend the rest of your very short life in the witness protection program, hoping my friend here never finds you.”
“Or three?” Jeep Delucci asked.
“Take the money, win the election and help the miners.”

The Point of the Pick opens when the Mob sends a “message” to union presidential candidate, Jeep Delucci, in Charleston, West Virginia. When Delucci’s camp returns the message, it’s war for the nine weeks until the election.

The story roams the coal-producing states of West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Virginia, with involvement from the Mob in Pittsburgh, New York and Washington, D.C. The setting is 1975, but the characters are timeless, including brainy hitman John Corelli, greasy coal magnate Buzzy Maggard, ambitious newspaper reporter Allyson Pickering and her ex-lover, campaign manager Jeffrey Becker.

The Point of the Pick has global distribution through the CreateSpace Direct program, which allows bookstores, libraries and schools to purchase the book at standard discounts. It’s available to the book trade through Ingram, Baker&Taylor and NACSCORP. If you are a teacher and would like to see an evaluation copy, please contact me by email.

Should The Point of the Pick be made into a movie? Absolutely! If you are interested in the screenplay rights, foreign language rights, reprint rights or representation, please contact me by email.